Here are some mini-lessons for free.  Learn how to make the iconic "laughing" klezmer sound on the clarinet as well as some other sound effects.  Enjoy! 




"As both teacher and mentor, Robin Seletsky has given a gift of music to my son. She has shared her passionate and articulate artistry and inspired her student to soulfully and skillfully engage in playing the clarinet. Her amazing mastery of the clarinet and patient, gentle teaching style have allowed my son to develop his own potential as a musician and to find his musical voice. Wish we could all be this lucky to have such a wonderful teacher!"
-Colleen B., New York State

"I absolutely must thank Robin Seletsky for being the best instructor in the whole world.  Robin, I have always felt supported, celebrated, and inspired under your care.  In our four years together you allowed me to discover the true power of music.  You have always told me that a good musician understands that music is a gift.  Today, my recital is a gift for you."
-Morgan S., Hartwick College, New York State