Dear Friends

This is my first blog entry on my new website.  It is my hope that I can share something that will be of value to you and that will make a contribution to the world of music. My years of professional performing, teaching, lecturing (and even some composing) have led me to this point.

Growing up with a father who was both a clarinetist and an avant-garde composer gave me many opportunities to learn techniques such as quarter-tone fingerings,
multiphonics, growling through the instrument, etc.

I premiered many of my Dad’s pieces and recently archived his works for clarinet (solo and chamber) with the American Composers Alliance.  The ACA will loan them out (with only a small processing fee) if you’re interested in performing his expressive and unique sounding music.

Topics for future blogs include:  tools and strategies to deal with performance anxiety, how to avoid overuse syndrome, suggestions that may help you if you do  wind up having playing-related injuries.

I will also share what I know about the double-lip embouchure for clarinet–my Dad started me on double-lip and I’ve played that way my entire life. My father had studied with Gino Cioffi of the Boston Symphony and LOVED his warm sound quality achieved by the double-lip embouchure.  

And since klezmer playing has become such a huge part of my professional life in the last 20 years I will, of course, write many blogs on that topic.  For now, though, I would just like to close with this thought–whenever you play try and feel that you are just giving and offering your gift of music.  

Be filled with humility–the sense that you are one small part of a larger whole–and try to put service to the music (and to the audience ) first. This will make you One with the music and can profoundly deep your experience of performing.

With all good thoughts,

– Robin