Clarinet Lessons

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning Sept 1, 2020 I will be raising my lesson rate to $60.00 per lesson, $270 for package of five.

Have you always wanted to play klezmer but couldn’t figure out the style on your own or couldn’t find a teacher? Well now you can take klezmer or classical clarinet lessons from anywhere in the world via Skype or FaceTime. Video conference lessons are as productive as lessons in person.

All ages and levels are welcome! All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a webcam. Lessons are fifty minutes long and cost $50 each. Payment is easily made through PayPal.

Robin has given lessons to students from across the United States and welcomes those from abroad. Here’s what you do:

1.  Contact Robin here to schedule the lesson.

2.  Make the payment of $50 using PayPal at least 24 hours before the lesson. PayPal instructions are at the bottom of this page.

3.  If using Skype – send a Skype contact request at least 24 hours before the lesson to robin.seletsky.

4.  If using FaceTime – go to the contact page and send me a message containing your contact information and we will work out the details. It’s that easy!

Choose a single lesson
Follow the checkout through PayPal using your debit/credit card or PayPal balance. You will receive an order confirmation and Robin will contact you to arrange a lesson time and date.

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“Robin S. is an amazing person:  a fantastic musician, a fabulous teacher and a wonderful friend.  I am honored to know her and so thrilled that Robin could teach my daughter Abigail for a few years. Robin helped Abby get into New York Conference All State Symphonic Band, and also taught Abby klezmer clarinet skills. Seeing and hearing Robin perform her klezmer music is magnificent, and it’s so wonderful hearing Abby play in that style too.”

—Denise M., New York State